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Welcome to the new era of Movie watching where you can watch movies in your Windows PC, Smartphone or Smart TV with many Hit studios like Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, Universal Studio and Twentieth Century Fox.

You can now use your Microsoft or Xbox account to start any paid subscription of unlimited movies and commercial-free TV Soap opera.

Movies Anywhere are services started by Microsoft to provide ads free Movies, documentary, TV serials, TV news, Sports channels, New events and many more. You need to install Xbox Video Apps to view all these awesome services free of a commercial break.

What is the Xbox Video App?

Xbox video app or Microsoft Movies & TV app can be used to buy or rent facility form Microsoft services called Movies Anywhere. You can use these online stores to purchase or rent the latest movies to watch it later on your device

  • Xbox Store
  • Windows Store
  • Microsoft Store
  • Zune Marketplace

You can link them or use them on your Microsoft account or Xbox account on any preferred device of your choice

  • Windows 8,10
  • Xbox Account
  • Smartphone- iOS or Android, Tizen
  • All Smart TV
  • All Streaming Devices

What are Xbox Movies Anywhere Service?

Like other big Streaming services Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Microsoft also join the Digital Platform where you can rent or get viewing right to users for movies, TV serials, Sports channels, news channels or local events.

Recently Microsoft joins hands with Movies Anywhere Services, and it brings all the facility of Movies Anywhere to its platform. Presently web series and online serial watching go for a huge change, where many private non-cable platforms are producing movies and TV serials which can only be viewed on their Apps.

You can now get streaming videos or TV serials to your Xbox account if your purchase the monthly subscription of Movie Anywhere.

How to link Xbox account with Movies Anywhere subscription?

Connect your Xbox account with Movies Anywhere subscription, follow these steps

  • Open Movies Anywhere app
  • You can log into Movies Anywhere app or make a new account
  • Now open Movies Anywhere settings
  • Select “Manage Retailers” in the tab
  • Select “Microsoft” from the drop-down menu
  • Now follow on-screen instruction
  • Your Microsoft account is now connected with Movies Anywhere service

Which platform is supported with Movies Anywhere?

You can watch Movies on different types of devices, some of them are as follows

  • Microsoft Movies & TV app on Xbox
  • Windows
  • Apps on Smartphone – iOS, Android, Amazon,
  • Smart TV – Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV
  • Roku Devices

 Final words

Microsoft has finally embraced the new platform for streaming movies and TV serials; you can now use movies Anywhere subscription and watch them on your Xbox account.