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Kinect Games has just created a ripple, and suddenly it did not take off, as we have seen there are hundreds of Kinect game, but all the best-selling games are of without Kinect. So, what is the probable reason for Kinect games are not getting well with the general public or more precisely Kinect games are not selling like other big games.

Let’s find out what Kinect Game is?

Kinect Games are specially designed games which required movement to play and also required some external hardware to execute those games. Now, this hardware is very expensive, and they get broken or dysfunction within some months. These are the drawbacks of Kinect games, but if you have a good budget, then you can enjoy these games with your family and friends.

What is Kinect Game accessory?

Well, the Kinect game accessory includes control and interact with the game using different gestures and spoken commands. It will use advanced sensing devices which will translate your gestures into game command and play the game. Kinect devices can be used in all the games which have Kinect service inbuild in the game, Kinect accessory support these online gaming consoles

  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Microsoft Windows PCs
  • Gaming consoles which support Kinect

What is the Different Price of Kinect Game accessory?

Well, it all depends on material and functionality used in manufacturing with after sale guarantee, it may be range from $99.99 to $150.

Kinect Game accessory can be used for which function?

You can use Kinect game accessory for these function in your Gaming console

  • You can command your Xbox and TV with voice
  • Broadcast or go live with using Twitch Xbox One App
  • Play all Kinect games with your Xbox
  • All Kinect games can do actual jump, duct, and spin

Best Xbox Kinect Games in 2019

  1. Fruit Ninja Kinect
  2. Kinect Adventures
  3. Forza Motorsport 4
  4. Fighters Uncaged
  5. Dance Central 3

1. Fruit Ninja Kinect

One of the best games to date which did not require any special skill in the game. You need to make fruits salad by cutting and chopping all fruits with gestures with paying attention not to cut any bomb in between.

Fruit Ninja game was originally developed for iOS games, but after its huge success in Smartphone segment, the game developer decides to make that game available for all platform such as game console, Android Smartphone, Kinect and Browser games.

2. Kinect Adventures

One of the best games in Kinect segment, which have all the cool and awesome features that can be enjoyed with your family and friends. It has 20 mini-games which works on Kinect gesture and voice command which you will enjoy playing.

You will get games like river rafting, rally ball, with track and field, these 20 mini-games require full body motion with gesture control and depending on your body gestures it will play the game.

3. Forza Motorsport 4

Do you love motorsports?

Well, now play on Gesture enrich Forza Motorsport 4 and test your car with cars of the world for its metal. This game has stunning new graphics which will mesmerize you an in-depth scenario with in-detailing which will take your breath away. You will find many minute details in the Forza Motorsport 4 game which will enhance the game experience.

Play Forza Motorsport 4 test different sports cars, start battling with other online players and show how is the king of the road.

4. Fighters Uncaged

Kinect game which will give you a chance to kick some goons or enemy online. You can use all action sequence like jump, roll, punch, jab, kick to get your enemy down in the game. Kinect will utilize your command and motion capturing techniques and convert command in the fighter Uncaged game. You can give command of more than 70 different moves with your body parts such as feet, legs, fists, elbows, and arms.

5. Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3 is Kinect games which are developed by Harmonix which gives original soundtrack. You have to match your dance steps to the dance moves shown in the game. Dance Central is very popular in the Asian countries and now taking a European country by storm, where there is dance parlor where you can go and play these types of games.

You can get an artist in Dance Central 3 like Gloria Gaynor, Daft Punk and Vanilla for matching your dance steps to the music.

Final thought

Well, these are the top 05 Kinect games which you can play using Kinect accessory with your Xbox One console. Always use good Kinect accessory to play these games, as they are voice command and gesture support, so take good precaution on these devices.